Leasing & Sales

For landlords and owners, the success of any commercial property depends on strong leasing and marketing programs. It’s critical to consider the local market, the competition and what they may or may not be doing to satisfy the market better, as well as a property’s strengths and weaknesses to determine how it should be positioned.

Through strategic planning, Matrix Group, Inc. provides leasing services that position properties most effectively and ultimately, yield higher revenues and happier clients.
Each property has unique characteristics, and the correct target market requires a combination of advertising, cold calling, canvassing and marketing strategies. Typically, we plan a combination of the following efforts, depending on the property and objectives:

  • Marketing project management
  • Brochure development
  • Signage, advertising and direct mail development
  • Personalized service and regular updates
  • Canvassing, solicitation and record keeping
  • Broker cooperation and marketing sessions
  • Metro area database exposure

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